Discover how Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures celebrate the richness of the maritime environment and their intrinsic living relationship with it.

This new tour takes you on a journey of saltwater and freshwater cultures from Tasmania to the Tiwi and Torres Strait Islands.

People of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander descent should be aware that this tour may contain, names, images, video, voices, objects and works of people who are deceased.  

When Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people refer to the land, sky and sea, they connect all natural elements as one. Enjoy this exciting new tour as it takes you on a journey from Tasmania through the Bass Strait and the Tasman Sea right up to the Tiwi Islands, where the Arafura Sea meets the Timor Sea and then on to the Torres Strait Islands in the Arafura Sea. This tour explores deep connections through watercraft, culture and adornments. 

During the tour you'll discover: 

• Fascinating facts about the Traditional Owners of the Darling Harbour area the Gadigal people and their lifestyle before European settlement.
• Background information of the flags the museum flies on a daily basis (including the Yolŋu Sea Rights Flag with the museum the only place to currently fly the flag outside of the Northern Territory)   
• Erub Island's Au Karem Ira Lamar Lu Ghost Nets of the Ocean exhibition, which raises the awareness of ocean conservation and the value of marine life for the Erub peoples and their culture. 
• The navigation systems that have been used by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Community members for thousands of years.
• Delicate shell work from Tasmania.
• Decorative body ornaments from the Tiwi Islands.
• Intricate basketry work from Tasmania.
• Spectacular contemporary Torres Strait Islander head-dress.
• Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander history of defence.
• The history behind the John Louis pearling lugger featured as part of the museum's vessels collection. 

"It’s Yolŋu way of looking at the country and Yolŋu way of looking at the sea and what has been layered, and I think it is really important for the young ones."

Djambawa Marawili - Yolŋu Leader

Dates: Daily through NAIDOC Week (7 - 14 July)
Where: Meet in foyer at front of house
When: 1pm 
Suitable for: all ages
Cost: Free with a Big Ticket

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