Join us for this thrilling, fully-immersive murder mystery event!


We are in the middle of the Cold War. Pacific Ocean. A Navy vessel is travelling treacherous waters from Darwin to Singapore. Radio silence is maintained at all costs.  Suddenly an SOS drifts out across the airways. “All officers including the Captain are dead, dead in the chart room, dead on the bridge.” This is followed by an encrypted signal and then one final grisly message “now I die”. 

It's now 48 hours later. You join an elite Commando unit on board the Navy Destroyer HMAS Vampire to investigate and solve this sinister “Mystery At Sea”. Who or what has killed the crew? What did the mysterious encrypted message say? What else is amiss on this ship? It's up to you to crack the code and clues before it's too late!

Note: The storyline featured in this murder mystery is the same that ran last summer - it was so wildly popular we're bringing it back!

Recommended for adults 18 years and over. Get in the mood by wearing your best camo gear!