Replica tall ship HMB ENDEAVOUR out of water for its regular refit.

Maritime Series: Endeavour Build - John Longley

Join us to hear how the magnificent replica of HMBark Endeavour was conceived, built, commissioned and sailed into Sydney.

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Thirty years ago on the 22 October 1988, Endeavour's keel was laid in a purpose-built shed in Fremantle by the then Governor of Western Australia, professor Gordon Reid.Some may recall that Bond Corporation initially funded the project, some that John Singleton was involved, others that there was a British component, however, not many know the full story. 

The dramatic story of how the people behind the project kept it going through those turbulent years of corporate collapse and recession is as fascinating as the story of the construction itself. John Longley who led the project from start to finish will tell this story of true Australian endeavour.