Vietnamese refugee boat Tu Do

Human Rights Trail

Experience the museum through a Human Rights lens this Refugee Week (17 - 22 June 2019)

Hidden histories, marginalised communities and critical thinking.

Explore the museum inside and outside with this brand new tour highlighting hidden histories in our collection through a human rights lens.

In addition to experiencing a highlights tour of the museum's galleries led by our expert team of educators, you'll discover the hidden stories of frequently marginalised communities that hide behind key objects in our collection. 

You'll be encouraged to consider:
What 'Human Rights' actually means, who decides it and whether it is fair.
Which communities are over-represented, which are under-represented and which are missing completely?

Daily from 3-4pm during Refugee Week (Monday June 17th– Friday June 22nd) and weekly thereafter on Thursdays from 3pm. 

Where to meet: 
Museum Foyer

Free with a Big Ticket

Ideal for: 
Ages 10+


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