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Or entertain the little ones during school holidays, go behind-the-scenes with a guided tour, jump aboard one of our vessels, catch a film, join in some fun and educational kid's activities, marvel at stunning wildlife photography and so much more!

01 Feb 2022 - 31 Dec 2022

Beneath the Surface


Kids on Deck

28 Dec 2022 - 26 Jan 2023

Shipwreck Odyssey

11 Jan 2023 - 19 Jan 2023

Creative Workshops

28 January 2023

New Beginnings Festival


Sail on Duyfken


Cabinet of Curiosities


Sea-side Strollers Tours and Play


Mini Mariners - Under 5s program


Heritage Harbour Cruises


Sensory-Friendly Sundays - Access Program


Sydney Harbour Kayaks Experience