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Encounters 2020 offers a unique opportunity for students of all ages to reflect on the achievements of Captain James Cook and the HMB Endeavour’s 1770 voyage and also to discuss and re-evaluate the lasting impact the voyage has had on us all and, in particular, the repercussions on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. For them it brought about the invasion and loss of their country but has also shown the on-going survival of culture and beginnings of the movement for rights and recognition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the traditional owners of the lands and waters.

Encounters 2020 is utilising this historic event to examine both its significance in Australian history and its enduring legacy - from the dual perspectives of from the ship and from the shore.

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From February 2020 until May 2021 the replica of HMB Endeavour will sail to various ports, accompanied by the travelling exhibition, Looking Back Looking Forward. Schools have the opportunity to book a place to visit the exhibition as well as tour the vessel. 

Looking Back Looking Forward has been curated to showcase contemporary works by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists who have responded to the symbolic nature and impact of Cook and colonisation and all the encounters with strangers around the shorelines of their country over the last 250 years.

Schools also have the opportunity to tour the 18th-century replica Endeavour and learn how vessels in the age of sail operated and why they were exploring in this part of the world. Staff will be available to answer questions as students move around the vessel. Also on board will be objects that speak to the encounters with First Nations - experienced by Cook and his crew.

To assist teachers and educators around the country – whether visiting the exhibition or not – the Museum will also be providing a suite of free teaching and learning resources written by a team of Indigenous and non-Indigenous experts. These resources will be available online from December 2019.

 Location   Dates 
 Geelong  March 6, March 10-13 2020
 Devonport  March 23 & 24 2020
 Hobart  April 3, April 6-9 2020
 Sydney  May 4 & 5 2020
 Newcastle  May 8 & 11 2020
 Brisbane  May 19-22, May 25 2020
 Gladstone  June 2 & 3 2020
 Mackay  June 11 & 12 2020
 Townsville  June 22-24 2020
 Cooktown   July 27-31 2020
 Darwin  September 18, September 21-25 2020
 Broome  October 23 2020
 Port Hedland  November 2 2020
 Carnarvon  November 12 & 13 2020
 Geraldton  November 23 2020
 Fremantle  November 30 -  December 4 2020
 Esperance  February 8 & 9 2021
 Port Lincoln  February 19 2021
 Whyalla  March 1 & 2 2021
 Port Pirie  March 4 & 5 2021
 Port Adelaide  March 15-19 2021
 Portland  March 29-31 2021
 Eden  April 22 & 23 2021

 * All dates are provisional and subject to change

Cost per student: $5

Please note:
Teachers and supervising adults visit FREE of charge for 2 adults per 15 students. Additional adults will be charged the student rate



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