New education resources are in development with supporting classroom ideas for primary, middle years and secondary teachers relating to a range of themes centred on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives, including:

  • Decolonising the curriculum (a teacher's resource)
  • Mythbusting Cook’s “discovery” of Australia
  • Science, Navigation & Seafaring
  • Indigenous Cultures as existed before Invasion
  • Resistance Fighters
  • 1770 / Cook and the distinction between this and the 1788 / First Fleet
  • Tupaia the Navigator
  • Place names and their significance
  • Sea Rights, trade routes and vessels
  • Living culture, resilience and contemporary issues

These resources will be available online from December 2019.

In addition to the comprehensive resources above, the Museum is developing teaching and learning resources to accompany the travelling on-shore exhibition Looking Back Looking Forward. These will be available online from February 2020.

Looking Back Looking Forward is an exhibition specifically designed to showcase some of the museum’s collection of contemporary works by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists who have been responding to the symbolic nature of Cook and all the encounters with strangers around the edge/shorelines of their country over many years.

Film and digital content is increasingly useful to teachers and educators and as part of Encounters 2020, the museum is creating a range of digital resources:

Endeavour Stories (Available late 2019)
Four video documentaries explore stories relating to the ship itself and Cook's first voyage. Titles include:
- The Naturalist
- Mapping the Coast
- The Endeavour
- Trouble on the Reef

Endeavour’s Voyage of Exploration
A series of short films aimed at primary school students, developed in collaboration with ABC Education. The videos take a broad-lensed view of Cook’s voyage, his legacy and the impacts of the voyages on the First Australians.

Cook’s Voyages
 - Views From The Shore (Available early 2020)
An online game aimed at upper-primary school students that allows players to take on the role of an 18th century explorer in the Pacific Ocean. The game is linked directly to the curriculum and uses gamified learning principles to engage students. 

Wreck Seekers
(Available May 2020)
An online game aimed at upper-Primary / lower Secondary students. Players will take the role of a maritime archaeologist, choosing to search for and identify a selection of ‘real’ wrecks. Included is the search for the Endeavour’s wreck in New England, United States.