Discover the migration stories from the Welcome Wall.

An e-book of 300 pages, “We are many- Stories of Australia’s migrants” brings together 71 migration stories previously published in Signals.  It includes 61 stories of migrants from 32 countries, as well as 10 general articles about migration.  

This publication brings attention to one of the pillars of our national story – the making of modern Australia by its immigrants.  It uses the voices and stories of migrants registered on the Museum’s Welcome Wall to illuminate Australian history, to demonstrate how various international events have impacted on migration to Australia and, most importantly, showcase the types of people who have helped shape our national identity.  We introduce migrants from various times and countries of origin whose stories speak to universal themes such as love, adventure, family, safety and striving for a better life.  And we expose stories of extraordinary courage, resilience, success and celebration, deep despair and injustice.  

This publication is a companion to From Across the Seas - Australia’s National Migration Story, which we first released in April 2019.  From Across the Seas provides an overview of the Museum’s achievements in collecting and sharing the national migration story. 

There is an interesting story behind every name on the Welcome Wall and our intention is to expand this page as more of these stories are recorded.  Our aspiration is to achieve a compilation of stories as diverse as the Australian population.  

To receive your copy of “We are many – Stories of Australia’s Migrants”, simply follow the link below.

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