The Australia’s National Monument to Migration is one of the museum’s most important and visible tributes to our migration heritage.

The Museum collects the stories of migrants to Australia and the National Monument is one of our most important and visible ways of recognising the people behind these stories.

With more than 10 million people have crossed the world to settle in Australia, read some of our compelling stories exploring our migration heritage.

Pictured above: Special Guest Pritika Desai (right), who was named the India Australia Business Community Awards Young Community Achiever of the Year for her work on a youth mental health project, reflected on her Indian heritage at the National Monument unveiling ceremony, 7 May 2017.

Photo: Andrew Frolows, ANMM


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Klaas and Aafke Woldring on their wedding day, the Netherlands, 1959. Reproduced courtesy Klaas and Aafke Woldring.

19 Jan 2019

To Australia via the Cape
Magdalena (Leni) Janic, aged 15, Katscher, Germany, 1940. Reproduced courtesy Annette Janic.

18 Jan 2019

War child
Maie Talmet (second from left) at Woodside Hostel with the doll her father gave her on arrival in Adelaide, 1949. Reproduced courtesy Maie Barrow.

17 Jan 2019

As far from Europe as possible
Going away party for the wedding of Maria and Lorenzo Roder’s daughter, Mary (front row, holding handbag), c 1921. Maria and Lorenzo are in the back row, third and fourth from right. Reproduced courtesy Pauline Lovitt.

16 Jan 2019

La Cella Venezia
Passengers watch from the deck of City of Sydney as Skaubryn burns in the Indian Ocean, 1958. ANMM Collection Gift from Barbara Alysen ANMS0214[005]. Reproduced courtesy International Organisation for Migration

15 Jan 2019

Four ships, one lifeboat
Marie and Michel Nehme at Fairlane Farm, Nehme vineyard, Yenda, 1988. All images reproduced courtesy Julie Nehme

10 Jan 2019

Wine and poetry
Welcome Wall Unveiling

25 Sep 2018

Welcome Wall
Cane farmers

06 Aug 2018

Operation Kangaroo

09 May 2018

Welcome Wall May 2018


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