Help advance the cause of girls education across Australia

This festive season the museum is supporting the Harding Miller Education Foundation (HMEF) in their mission to improve educational outcomes for disadvantaged students and their families, and we’d like your help!

Your tax-deductible donation will support a disadvantage student to explore the museum and learn about Australia's maritime history, and take part in our associated learning programs.

Education can lift families out of poverty preventing the cycle of inter-generational reliance on government support and what better gift to give than support to children in need.

About the Harding Miller Education Foundation

The Harding Miller Education Foundation is a national charity supporting disadvantaged female students reach their full academic potential. They support a number of Indigenous and refugee students, as well as students with English as a second language (ESL). Through a scholarship over four years of high school, the HMEF gives the girls the tools and resources they need to not only complete high school, but to build direct pathways to tertiary education.

The Foundation focuses on the needs of each child to help their family, schools and broader communities break the cycle of disadvantage and create strong and prosperous futures for young women.

“Many of our students have never been to a museum before,” said Cara Varian, CEO of the HMEF foundation. “This opportunity allows our students to broaden their understanding of history, marine sciences and conservation”.

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