Join us for this thrilling, fully-immersive murder mystery event!

BRAND NEW MYSTERY in January 2020
Murder Mystery At Sea has been so popular, we're bringing it back in January 2020 with an all new story and location! Interested in solving this new mystery? Book now!!

The Great Ratsby

Sydney in mid-1920s is a city ready to explode. Gangs, plague, police and the legend that is “The Great Ratsby” come together on a steamy night in January. At a ritzy party on the luxury yacht Ena, gangsters mix with the Sydney party set until a body is found floating in the harbour.

Join Detective First Class Xavier Harris, as he trolls the murky underworld of Sydney docks to unravel the mystery behind the body in the water. Dress for a party but be prepared to get your hands dirty in this murder mystery.

Recommended for adults 18 years and over.

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