Join us on a journey through time focusing on patterns of migration and how political decisions shaped the population of our nation.

We discuss the impact on the original Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander inhabitants of this land during the convict settlement of Australia, what it was like to live during the gold rush years and finally explore the changing patterns of migration after Federation in 1901.

We hope year 5 and 6 classes will join us at the Australian National Maritime Museum to look at case studies and learn about the diversity of people who travelled across the seas to make Australia the country we now live in today.

This session contains links to the Stage 3 History Curriculum and covers content for both the year 5 and 6. It is an overview of Migration Stories, from the convict settlement of Australia and the gold rush years to the changing patterns of migration after Federation. If your class require a more specific focus please let us know at time of booking and we can adapt the presentation to suit your program of study.


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Discounts are available for rural and disadvantaged schools, please enquire at time of booking.

Program duration: Sessions run for approximately 45 minutes. If multiple classes are in the same session, session may run slightly longer to allow for additional questions from students.

Technology: This is an online lesson delivered as a Zoom meeting and you will be sent a link after the booking is confirmed. We are happy to discuss other options if required (such as Microsoft Teams). For this session we recommend students watch on a large screen, projector or smartboard and you will need a camera and microphone to engage with our presenter. If students are learning from home they are able to join the session.

Accessibility: This is an online lesson delivered through zoom. If you or your students have any access or support requirements, please let us know when booking so we can ensure everyone has access to this learning opportunity.  


Curriculum Links

The Australian colonies - Students look at the founding of British colonies and the development of a colony. They learn about what life was like for different groups in the colonial period. 

Australia as a nation - Students learn about the way of life of people who migrated to Australia and their contributions to Australia's economic and social development.

ACHASSK106 Reasons (economic, political and social) for the establishment of British colonies in Australia after 1800

ACHASSK109 The reasons people migrated to Australia and the experiences and contributions of a particular migrant group within a colony 

ACHASSK136 Stories of groups of people who migrated to Australia since Federation (including from ONE country of the Asia region) and reasons they migrated. 

Additional resources