Follow the timeline of Australian Migration and how political decisions shaped the landscape. 

Join us on a journey through time focusing on patterns of migration. We focus on the original Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander inhabitants of this land, the convict settlement of Australia, the gold rush years where free settlers arrived and finally the changing patterns of migration in later years.

Through the means of recounts and case studies learn about the diversity of people who arrived in Australia across the many decades.


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Duration: 45 minute session runs on Tuesdays and Wednesdays or by request
Cost: $50 per class
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Curriculum Links

  • NSW BOS Stage 3 HT3.1, HT 3.2, HT 3.3, HT 3,4. GE 3.2
  • Australian Curriculum Year 5 – 8.0
  • Australian Curriculum Year 6 – 8.0 ACHASSK136, ACHASSK137