How different or similar are the lives of sailors to our own? The Life Aboard Ship module examines the everyday life of the officers and crew onboard the Endeavour as it sailed into unknown seas. It covers the ship and how it worked, the duties and living conditions of the crew and officers. Historical objects from the museum's collections are showcased to engage students in 18th century life at sea. 

This learning module will: 
• provide background information for a school visit to HMB Endeavour 
• support teachers in developing lesson sequences about life on board 18th century sailing vessels for both gentleman and crew  
• provide opportunities for students to engage with images of primary sources for developing questions for inquiry
• explore 18th century tall ship technologies and the daily routines of the sailors
• develop knowledge and offer experiences of life onboard HMB Endeavour for meaningful engagement in the HMB Endeavour site visit

Main image: Deck scene, with man at the wheel, and another two taking sextant readings, Reverend Thomas Streatfeild, 1820, National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London, PAI4318