Come on board and get to know your new class through a fun interdisciplinary excursion to the museum through this excursion focussed on marine environments and maritime safety. 

All Aboard Workshop and Tour – Late Primary/Early Secondary 
Develop the skills, tools and knowledge to survive in the ocean. This hands-on maritime safety workshop uses task-based learning to teach students to collaborate, communicate effectively in a marine environment and think critically to solve problems and save the day! This tour includes a visit on up to 10 vessels, 1 helicopter and a lighthouse. Relevant for all Australian Curriculum cross-curricular priorities.

NSW Curriculum Links
Science and Technology Stage 2&3 - Science as a Human Endeavour; Science Inquiry Skills: STe-1-3VA, ST1-1-3VA, ST2-1-3VA, ST3-1-3VA
Geography Stage 3 – Geographical Inquiry GE3-1-4
History Stage 3 – Historical Inquiry HT3-2-3
Mathematics Stage 3 – Problem solving using technology MA3-2-3WM  

Australian Curriculum Links
HASS Year 5 – Inquiry and Skills - prediction and probability, evaluating evidence, draw conclusions, primary and secondary sources, present findings, reflection - (ACHASSK113), (ACHASSI094), (ACHASSI095), (ACHASSI096), (ACHASSI097), (ACHASSI098), (ACHASSI099), (ACHASSI100), (ACHASSI101), (ACHASSI102), (ACHASSI103), (ACHASSI104), (ACHASSI105)

Program Structure

Students are given the opportunity to explore the museum’s education collection through object handling, inquiry and discussion. After studying everything from epirbs, ROVs, sextants and the role of Australia’s Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA), rescue helicopters and the Water Police to the key characteristics of ports, beaches and water environments, plus how to use BOM, the Beaufort Wind Scale and the Phonetic Alphabet to stay safe. Students will use AMSA-designed scenario cards to put into practice the problem solving and risk management skills they have developed over the day. 

Tour includes a range of exhibits and vessels that link to maritime safety including the HMAS Vampire, Carpentaria Lightship, Harding Safety Lifeboat (used by Sydney Institute of TAFE Marine Technology Centre), the helicopter that saved the day when Santa did not make it Darwin, Blackmores First Lady (sailed by the first woman to circumnavigate the globe non-stop and unassisted) and the iconic Cape Bowling Lighthouse.

Booking information

Duration: 120 minutes per session for an Educator led tour and workshop
Cost: $225 per group with a maximum of 15 students
Ratio: A supervisor/student ratio of 1:15 applies.



Sponsored By Australian Maritime Safety Authority


 Australian Maritime Safety Authority