The Viking Age

Traditionally the start of the 'Viking Age' has been set to 8 June 793 when plundering Vikings attacked the monastery of Lindisfarne. But it is not altogether easy to date the 'Viking Age'. Different time frames appear depending on the studied material. There is also archaeological evidence that contacts with the continent and the British Isles stem from a much earlier date. Scandinavian travelers took home both goods and important information about conditions and opportunities in foreign countries, both in the east and west, many centuries before the 'Viking Age'. 

Think about
1) How can we know about people and events during the Viking Age, what are our sources?

2)  Are there any traces of Viking influence in today’s society? Think about artifacts, names, stories or traditions. Watch the Interview with a Viking video below and use information on other pages in this module to help guide your answers. 


Main image: Portrait of a viking. Image:  Jonathan Farber, Unsplash