Think you know about Vikings? We're here to bust some myths, by Odin!
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Portrait of a viking. Image:  Jonathan Farber, Unsplash
The Viking Age
A woman sewing, Viking Museum, Lofted Islands, Norway. Image: Paolo Chiabrando, Unsplash
Viking Crafts
Viking ship in Norway. Image: Steinar Engeland, Unsplash
Viking Facts and Resources
Viking hero
Who were the Vikings?
Viking statue of the god Odin, Gothenburg Museum of Natural History, Sweden. Image:  Kristijan Arsov, Unsplash
Viking Gods
Viking shields.
Curriculum links
Reconstruction of the Årby boat, a small, two-oared fishing or transport craft, the original of which dates to 850–950ce. Photograph A Frolows/ANMM
Viking Exploration
Viking runes - kids on deck
Viking Society