Focussed on convict transportation, players make decisions, solve problems and deal with conflicts on a perilous journey across the globe.

This year is 1830. You’re the Surgeon Superintendent aboard a convict vessel transporting its human cargo from Britain to the far reaches of the known world – Van Diemen’s Land. You’re charged with delivering several hundred convicts to the colony in the shortest time with minimum loss of life. This is the way to make money and further your reputation and position. Are you up to the task?



Designed for the classroom this award-winning game brings the curriculum to life through gamified learning scenarios that allow students to learn about the reasons for and challenges of convict transportation to Australia.

Played by over 500,000 students this game continues to provide a valuable learning experience for students across the country.


Years: 2,3,4,5



Learn more about the Surgeon Generals and convicts shown in the Voyage game
HMB Endeavour under full sail


Activities and source materials for the Voyage Game


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