An online game where players take the role of a modern maritime archaeologist hunting for some of Australia’s most prized shipwrecks.

Wreck Seeker is a gamified learning platform that allows students to develop and hone their historical skill of enquiry, analysis and source evaluation.

Players must sort fact from fiction in deciding where to focus their search. Speak to traditional owners, historians, local fishermen, eyewitnesses and technical experts, as you investigate primary and secondary sources to decide which accounts provide the most reliable information. 

Once you've pinpointed where to search, overlay your research onto the map before diving in 3D, on six beautifully recreated underwater environments to see if you've cracked the mystery. 

Designed for middle-school students (10-15 years old), this game is the perfect tool for undertaking meaningful classroom conversations about historical enquiry, chronology, and source analysis.

 Subject: HASS        Subject: History
 Years: 5,6      Years: 7, 8, 9, 10
Developed and produced by Roar Film with assistance from Screen Tasmania
Roar Film acknowledges the support of Screen Australia through the Producer Equity Program
Partners involved with Wreck Seeker
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