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Meeting the descendants from a disaster at sea

08 Sep 2017

One of the museum’s most-requested paintings for public viewing is a dramatic watercolour by Sydney landscape artist Samuel Elyard (1817–1910) titled Burning of the Barque India (c 1841). Recently we arranged a viewing for cousins Catherine Bell and John Grant.

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Last Pirate

The Last Pirate

31 May 2017

In the early 19th century Japan had closed its doors to foreign ships in an effort to resist colonisation. One day in January 1830, a British flagged ship appeared off the coast of Mugi, in Shikoku, southern Japan.

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The Batavia tapestry

10 May 2017

Last week we unveiled a new large-scale embroidered work, the Batavia Tapestry by Melbourne textile artist Melinda Piesse at the museum.

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The Voyage game: One year on

30 Nov 2016

On 30 November 2015 the museum launched our new educational game, The Voyage, at the Tasmanian Museum and Gallery in Hobart. The Voyage is a ‘serious’ game based on the transportation of convicts from Britain to Van Diemen’s Land in the early nineteenth century.

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'Freedom or Death!' in Bali

02 Nov 2016

Australians usually go to Bali for the beaches or scuba diving. Recently, a team from the Australian National Maritime Museum went to Bali for a very different reason – to open an exhibition and lead a seminar on some amazing but largely forgotten shared histories of the two countries.

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