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Australian Olympic Sailing

03 Feb 2014

Australian Olympic sailing reached an amazing peak at the 2012 Olympics, with the team of sailors claiming three gold medals and one silver medal, making Australia the most successful nation in the sailing events.

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MYRA TOO goes sailing

17 Jan 2014

Myra Too, the replica of the champion 18-Foot skiff built by Billy Barnett in 1951 has been sailing for the first time early this month. The background, research and building progress have been highlighted on earlier blogs by the museum’s Digital Outreach Curator Penny Edwell.

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Drebbel's submarine

07 Nov 2013

Inventor of the first navigable submarine, Cornelius Drebbel died 7 November 1633. Drebbel was born in the Netherlands in 1572 and while working with the English Royal Navy, became well known for his work in chemistry, optics, measurement and even dabbled in the dye industry.

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Aboard the TINGIRA : Our Navy’s Nursery

07 Oct 2013

On 25 April 1912 the fledgling Royal Australian Navy commissioned its very first naval training ship, HMAS Tingira. Three years to the day before the historic landings at Anzac Cove, the white ensign was hoisted onboard HMAS Tingira and marked the beginning of a new era for both the navy and the vessel.

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The race of the century – America’s Cup 1983

26 Sep 2013

The action for final race for the America’s Cup in 1983, dubbed ‘the race of the century’ by US skipper Dennis Conner, began well before the race started. Mindful of some starting issues, the Australians called for a lay day after race six to put some practice in.

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A Viking ship on Sydney Harbour - Invasion!?

25 Sep 2013

As night fell and a full moon rose over Darling Harbour on Thursday 19 September, the Jorgen Jorgenson was readied to bring an invading force of Vikings in to the museum wharves as the centre-piece of the opening event for the Vikings – Beyond the legend exhibition.

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AUSTRALIA II, the winged keel and more

24 Sep 2013

Australia II has become one of the nation’s most recognisable vessels, thanks to that extraordinary America’s Cup win in 1983. Almost everyone knows about its winged keel that seemed to make it unbeatable.

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