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Nicole and Penny

Nicole Cama and Penny Edwell (the artist formerly known as Penny Hyde) work as Digital Curators at the Australian National Maritime Museum in Darling Harbour, Sydney. We blog about events, people and most importantly - the museum's collection. We hope to open up the museum's collection to virtual visitors, blow off the dust and reveal some of the wonderful objects and stories held in the archives and storage rooms of the museum.

Annette Kellerman: The Mermaid from Marrickville

03 Jul 2019

When you think of the images associated with cigarette packaging today, it doesn’t come close to this photograph of the famous Australian swimming star, Annette Kellerman. This cigarette card features a promotional still of Kellerman for her leading role in the film, A Daughter of the Gods (1916).

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The ‘triumphant procession’ of the ANMEF

18 Aug 2014

On this day, 100 years ago, a contingent of the Australian Naval and Military Expeditionary Force (ANMEF) marched through Sydney for final embarkation. Fourteen days after Britain declared war on Germany, the ANMEF contingent made their way through streets flooded with tens of thousands of well-wishers.

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MYRA TOO has arrived!

28 Jul 2014

Back in late 2012 when vessels curator David Payne began drawing up designs for the build of a replica 18-footer, I doubt he could have foreseen the fun we were going to have along the way with this wonderful project.

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East meets West: The Magical Life of Long Tack Sam

27 May 2014

There was once a man who could ‘take needles out of his mouth for half an hour at a time’, who could make ‘beautiful vases appear’ from thin air. He was a magician, and the people of a Northern Chinese village would watch spellbound as he ‘performed a hundred magic feats’.

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The ‘March of the Gallant Five Thousand'

24 Apr 2014

At about 2pm on 24 April 1915, 5,000 Australian troops marched through streets of Sydney. Symbolising the ‘State’s official farewell to the troops’, it wasn’t until a few months later that they finally embarked for war.

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Warships, storyworlds and the story so far

14 Mar 2014

I’ve walked through our Oberon-class submarine many times. Before the visitors arrive, it’s quiet. You can hear the creaking of the ropes that secure the sub to the wharf, and sometimes the far away voices of people in Darling Harbour.

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Greetings from the Lowest Place on Earth

10 Jan 2014

Miles away from my office at the Australian National Maritime Museum and the lapping waters of Darling Harbour, is my temporary workspace in the south east corner of the spectacular Jordan Rift Valley.

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