In one of history's great migrations, more than ten million people have crossed the world to settle in Australia. Was your family among them? The arrival of waves of migrants by boat and plane is one of the major themes in Australia’s history. 

Exploring the Online Welcome Wall

Find a name and read the stories of people who struggled against poverty and of people who struck it rich - from the involuntary migrant convicts of the First Fleet, unaccompanied migrant children, post-war refugees and migrants of more recent times who’ve chosen modern Australia as a place to settle. You can also use the Welcome Wall kiosk in the museum's foyer to search and read people's stories.

Visiting the Wall

Located outdoors on the museum's northern boundary, the wall faces Darling Harbour and Pyrmont Bay where some of the many new settlers arrived. Accessible all year-round, take a stroll along the bronzed panels and learn more about the migration experience as well as reading the names engraved.

Updating your online records

The online Welcome Wall is currently undergoing a major upgrade and will be released soon. If you wish to make changes to your records please contact the friendly Welcome Wall team and we will update the records for you. You will be contacted once the new online Welcome Wall is ready.

20th Anniversary

As the Welcome Wall approaches its 20th birthday, the museum is planning an exciting renewal program featuring improved facilities, access and even greater capacity for new names. More details on this important development will be announced in early 2019.

Welcome Wall registrations are temporarily on hold. You can register your interest here to be the first to hear when registrations re-open.

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