The Welcome Wall is one of the museum’s most important and visible tributes to our migration heritage.

Over 30,000 names already appear on the 81 bronze panels that are joined together and run down the northern promenade of the museum, facing Pyrmont Bay.

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We're pleased to announce that the Welcome Wall is now open for new registrations for the next unveiling ceremony on 10 January 2021. Registrations need to be received before 1 November 2020 to be included. Adding a name to the Welcome Wall involves a tax deductible gift of $500 to the museum that will go towards preserving our Australian maritime and migration heritage.

Father's Day Special Offer: If you order before 6 September 2020, you will have the option to receive a special Father's Day certificate. To arrange for the delivery of your certificate, please contact

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Find a name and read the stories of people who struggled against poverty or those who struck it rich - from the involuntary convict migrants of the First Fleet, unaccompanied migrant children, post-war refugees to more recent migrants who’ve chosen modern Australia as a place to call home.


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