Due to the sheer size of our collection, only a fraction of the Australian National Maritime Museum’s objects can be on display at any one time. 

Don't let our lack of physical space get in the way of making new discoveries. You can explore a rich and diverse collection of artefacts online ranging from rocket boats to gold buttons, and discover a wealth of remarkable stories.

Main image: Dock workers and floating crane / Titan Darling Harbour / c. 1947. David Moore. ANMM Collection 00030758

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Colonial Wallpapers - Pacific Encounters


Based on the conventions and elements of early European sea charts, the painting 'Colonial Wallpapers - Pacific Encounters' incorporates a central compass rose, rumb lines and wind gods in a reconstruction of the Pacific.

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Illustrated log of the whaling barque TERROR

Illustrated log of the Terror


HMT Queen Mary assisted by a tug


Hobart Town 1856


Arch in the Sky


Emeret Nar: ghost net canoe


The Charlotte Medal


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Sir Oswald Brierly: A man for all occasions

20 Sep 2016

Oswald Brierly is probably known to most Australians for the whaling scenes he painted while at Twofold Bay, near Eden in New South Wales, which perfectly captured the drama and danger of the whaling at that time.

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Little shipmates: Seafaring pets

31 Aug 2016

Cats, dogs, monkeys and birds have been cherished on board ships for as long as people have made sea voyages. In a life from which children and families are usually missing, and are often very much missed, pets provide a focus for emotions and affection.

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The life of a lighthouse keeper

08 Jul 2016

The life of a lighthouse keeper is often either romanticised or seen as a desolate life for those who prefer the solitary confines of the role, away from the social rigours of mainland life.

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Treasures of the American Collection

06 Jul 2016

Where else can you see a President’s signature (Abraham Lincoln), a Queen’s signature (Victoria R), rare books and etchings, and a seventy-year-old gardenia in one place – but in the USA Gallery of the museum!

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It's a Wrap: The Windjammer Sailors

04 May 2016

Last week saw a Christo-like wrapping of silky black satin on the wharf at the Australian National Maritime Museum in Sydney’s Pyrmont. Intriguing and mysterious the form it enveloped was unreadable…

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Cook and the 'Swan of Litchfield'

19 Apr 2016

When the news of Cook’s death reached London in 1780, it did not make front page news, but rather, was merely noted with a small announcement of a single paragraph. 

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