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Meanderings in the Murk: Diving on the wreck of the Centennial

29 Jul 2016

The museum’s maritime archaeology team recently visited the shipwreck site of the late nineteenth century steamship Centennial. The dive was part of an ongoing initiative to document selected historic shipwreck sites within Sydney Harbour with digital photography and videography.

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Maritime archaeology at the Viking Age site of Birka

29 Apr 2016

In my first week of a professional development fellowship based at the Historiska Museet in Stockholm I was pleasantly surprised to be handling Viking Age objects and assisting in selecting some for a display of maritime finds at the famous World Heritage site Birka.

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The Boat in The Beach

27 Apr 2016

The Samuel Wright as one of the earliest ships known to have wrecked in Koombana Bay, Western Australia. Now, a team of archaeologists have excavated the American whaling ship using the latest technology.

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AE2 remembered 100 years on

08 May 2015

Between 17 and 25 April, I travelled to Turkey to participate in a closing conference and commemoration ceremony associated with the submarine AE2.

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Ashmore Reef Expedition 2015 – Part Eight

27 Mar 2015

After having watched the waves pile up on top of the surrounding reefs for the last five days it was a great relief to finally get out from behind Waier Island and make our way slowly over to the western end of the Cumberland Entrance to commence searching for the wreck of the Hydrabad.

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