Due to the sheer size of our collection, only a fraction of the Australian National Maritime Museum’s objects can be on display at any one time. 

Don't let our lack of physical space get in the way of making new discoveries. You can explore a rich and diverse collection of artefacts online ranging from rocket boats to gold buttons, and discover a wealth of remarkable stories.

Main image: Dock workers and floating crane / Titan Darling Harbour / c. 1947. David Moore. ANMM Collection 00030758



Colonial Wallpapers - Pacific Encounters


Based on the conventions and elements of early European sea charts, the painting 'Colonial Wallpapers - Pacific Encounters' incorporates a central compass rose, rumb lines and wind gods in a reconstruction of the Pacific.



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02 Mar 2012

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24 Feb 2012

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Object of the Week: Gnung-a Gnung-a’s story – the first Aboriginal Australian to visit America

10 Feb 2012

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02 Feb 2012

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31 Jan 2012

Two unusual artefacts from the wreck of the Dunbar

05 Jan 2012

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RAN Wessex helicopter, Navy Gallery ANMM.

15 Dec 2011

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09 Dec 2011

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