We're constantly evolving and improving to give visitors the best possible experience at the museum. Over the last few years we've seen some exciting changes - developing a program of international travelling exhibitions, the state-of-the art $12M hi-tech Action Stations experience, new 3D theatre, colourful new branding and expanding our program of experience-led exhibitions.

Sometimes this means we may need to temporarily close areas of the museum - for maintenance, improvements or safety reasons. We thank you for your understanding and hope you enjoy the many adventures the museum offers.

If extreme wet weather hits, we close all vessels for visitor safety. If it's looking like a rainy day, check with our friendly staff or call ahead on (02) 9298 3777. There's still lots of amazing things to enjoy inside the museum though, so don't let rain stop you from visiting!

For visitor safety, when the temperature reaches 36° Celsius we close all vessels. If it looks like a it's going to be a hot day, come early and see the vessels first. Check with our friendly staff if you're unsure. Never fear though - our 3D cinema is air conditioned, so escape the heat and enjoy a film!

HMB Endeavour
Voyage to New Caledonia: 17 April - 28 May

Re-open: 29 May

SY Ena
Away for dry-dock maintenance 3 December - April 2019


Wildlife Photographer of the Year will close temporarily from 1-5 July to make way for the installation of a newly-decommissioned Seahawk helicopter ‘Tiger 75’ in the Navy Gallery. Other exhibits will remain open during this period, and if you’re lucky, you could catch a glimpse of the breathtaking feat as the new helicopter is rigged high above head in the gallery space!


Our foyer is currently undergoing a refresh. We look forward to sharing our new-and-improved visitor experience!

The 3D Cinema is occasionally closed. Fancy a film? There's a series of fascinating films screening daily at Action Stations!