Submarine Institute of Australia Inc In-Kind Support

Australian National Submarine Museum (ANSM)

The Submarine Institute (SIA) intends to establish an online Australian National Submarine Museum (ANSM).  The purpose of the Submarine Museum is to present to the public “The Story of Submarines in Australia”.  In-kind support is awarded to investigate ways that the ANMM can assist with this project.

Internships – Norfolk Island Regional Council 

Two internships were awarded to this organisation.  Up to $2,500 each for a 1 week internship at the ANMM


Ballina Naval & Maritime Museum In-Kind Support

What’s her story? : the design and installation of the Florrie display

In-kind support for an ANMM exhibition designer to assist with planning the Florrie display.  Florrie’s story will highlight historical aspects of timber vessel construction at Brisbane Water where she was constructed, as well as locally. It will also feature the story of Florrie’s place in the social history of the Port of Ballina and the Richmond River.

Internship - Ballina Naval & Maritime Museum

Up to $2,000 for a 1 week internship at the ANMM

Camperdown Cemetery Trust $15,000

Essential conservation works to the Ship’s anchor within the Dunbar Tomb and Precinct

The Dunbar tomb and precinct (1858), located in Camperdown Cemetery, is a mass grave memorial for the victims of the Dunbar shipwreck, a tragedy of great maritime significance.  The proposed conservation works are planned in time for a 160th year memorial service.

Jervis Bay Maritime Museum In-Kind Support

Fleet Restoration: Restoration of ‘Crest/Ninon’ (ARHV No. HV000049) and ‘Kingfisher’ (ARHV No.HV000701)

Jervis Bay Maritime Museum will celebrate its 30th anniversary in December 2018.  To mark this event the aim is to re-launch Crest and have Kingfisher at 80% completion to showcase vessels built in the Huskisson boat yards.  In-kind support is awarded for an ANMM Curator to visit to conduct an inspection of the vessel Kingfisher and assist in the development of a conservation management plan.

Lake Macquarie City Council $13,000

Repackaging our Past: Lake Macquarie Maritime Heritage Project

For interpretive research and for the construction and placement of signage that details the significant maritime heritage of Lake Macquarie.  Funding is to engage a suitably qualified Museum Historian / Curator to undertake research and develop interpretive text to be included on the Lake Macquarie foreshore promenade.

Richmond River Historical Society Inc. $5,750

Lismore by the Sea 

The Society holds a number of artefacts relating to specific vessels that served on the North Coast run.  This project is for the reorganization of the maritime display to contemporary professional standard with inclusion of interpretive media to elicit the role of the North Coast Steam Navigation Company in the maritime history of the region. Consultants will be engaged to facilitate the production of the display. Some unique and valuable artefacts relating to this story, including a lantern from the ‘Lady Franklin’, and a sextant, parallel rules and dividers owned by captain Hunter, master of the first ‘Wollongbar’ that was wrecked in Byron Bay in 1921 will be rehoused in display cabinets for highlighting and protection. 

Tathra Pig & Whistle Line Museum $2,720

Preservation, interpretation and exhibition of the Tathra Surf Boat

The Tathra Surf Boat is a wooden framed, canvas covered double ended craft. The proposed project aims to ensure appropriate and ongoing public access to the vessel by undertaking preservation and interpretation of the craft which is rare and important part of the museum’s collection.  The vessel has recently been listed on the Australian Register for Historic Vessels (ARHV) and the proposed project is based on recommendations contained in the vessel’s Conservation and Interpretation Plan.


Bwgcolman Community School $15,000

Palm Island Maritime Heritage Research Project

To engage students & members of the Palm Island Community in a maritime heritage project.  Aims include; assisting students to develop research skills, record oral histories, engage with practical boat building & boat repairs skills development as well as to develop teaching and learning resources.  The project will identify design details of boats traditionally built on Palm Island & investigate if one of these vessels could be recreated on the Island via a future project.

Discovery Coast Tourism and Commerce Inc. $15,000

The 1770 Experience

For the development of the Interpretation Concept Plan for the ‘1770 Experience’.  The community’s plan is to celebrate Cook 250 in 1770 by creating a long lasting community asset including a monument, a botanic parkland and an interpretive centre, which tells the story of indigenous cultural heritage, environmental significance and Australian maritime history on the occasion of the 250th anniversary of Cook’s landing at the site of the Town of 1770. 

Townsville Maritime Museum Limited $5,000

Professional support of the development of vessel management plan and vessel interpretation plan / program for HMAS Townsville (II)

The HMAS Townsville is currently located at the Port of Townsville, where she is undergoing preservation treatment.  This project is planned to ensure ongoing vessel conservation management and also to prepare the vessel for public display.

Internship – North Stradbroke Island Historical Museum Inc.

Up to $1,500 for a 2 week internship at the Queensland Maritime Museum


Alexandrina Council - Friends of PS Oscar W In-Kind Support

Bringing the Barge Dart back to the River - a project of restoration and community engagement

In-kind support is awarded for an ANMM Curator to visit Goolwa to conduct an inspection of the boat and assist in the preparation of a vessel management plan.

Port Vincent Progress Association Inc. $3,000

Historical Ports Display - Port Vincent

The aim of this project is to demonstrate the significance of shipping to the town of Port Vincent and its importance to the development of SA.  This organisation plan to set up a weather proof display, in a prominent position, on the foreshore, adjacent to the original town wharf and jetty.  Funding is awarded to engage an exhibition designer to develop a design document to plan the exhibition.


Maritime Museum of Tasmania $12,173

Conserving Tasmanian China Trade paintings

To have two significant oil paintings in the Maritime Museum’s collection repaired and conserved. The works, created by Chinese artists in Hong Kong are ships’ portraits of the Mary Blair and Wild Wave, two Tasmanian vessels engaged in the China trade around the 1860s.  They can then be shared with the museum's community and visitors, along with the fascinating story Tasmania’s trade links with China during the 1800s.

Internship – Friends of Tasman Island Wildcare Inc.

Up to $2,500 for a 1 week internship at the ANMM


Echuca Historical Society Inc. In-Kind Support

Purchase of a Plan Drawer Cabinet and a Glass Display Unit

This collection relates to the many Paddle Steamers that were part of the early and busy Murray trading history of the Port of Echuca.  This organisation has a large room in which to display their Maritime collections and are currently working to place collection items on show in a visual and safe manner. For those items not on display they also need to ensure they have excellent facilities for storage.  In-kind support is awarded for ANMM support and freight costs to deliver an ex-ANMM showcase.

Golden City Paddle Steamer Museum Society In-Kind Support

Golden City Paddle Steamer Museum presents…

Lake Wendouree is an historical landmark/icon of Ballarat and western Victoria, but little is known of this organisation’s museum, boat sheds, Theo Gill, and the Paddle Steamer’s history.  This project seeks to upgrade this under-developed museum amenity, and improve its presentation to attract schools and tourists.  In-kind support is awarded for a site visit from an ANMM expert to assist with planning this project.

Paynesville Maritime Museum $1,849

A means for PMM to achieve greater reach

This project aims to bring the presence and efforts of the Paynesville Maritime Museum to the attention of people attending public events by obtaining a flexible set of display materials that can be set up at venues.

Internship – Mission to Seafarers Victoria


Up to $2,000 for a 1 week internship at the ANMM 


Albany’s Historic Whaling Station $13,546

Cheynes IV Whale Chasing Interpretation

For an ‘ultimate experience’; visitors to the Radar Room will ‘experience’ a whale chase as if they were the whale harpoonist, experiencing a variety of senses; visual, proprioceptual, auditory and touch.  Footage of whale chasing from 40 years ago will be used.

Internship – Albany’s Historic Whaling Station

Up to $2,500 for a 1 week internship at the ANMM