Norfolk Island Museum – In Kind Support

This project is to ensure the ongoing care of the HMS Sirius collection as recommended by previous condition and conservation reports. ANMM Manager Conservation, will facilitate ANMM support to review the collection items and to provide a report on the condition of the collection.


Albury City Council - Albury Library Museum $4,240

For an integrated Murray River experience located at both the Albury Library Museum and Murray Riverside Precinct that increases access to and engagement with Albury's unique maritime history. Funding is awarded for the costs associated with the production of three external story boards.

Ballina Naval and Maritime Museum $5,500

Funding is awarded to conduct a 3D laser scan of the vessel Florrie and to engage a specialist with timber vessel conservation expertise to assist the museum’s executive and volunteers to undertake identified immediate/short term conservation works to Florrie. This project will also result in a formalised Conservation Management Plan, prepared collaboratively between the museum and Ballina Shire Council and with the assistance of an expert in heritage management.

Berry and District Historical Society – In Kind Support

The Berry Flood boat, is an 1888, clinker built, 24 foot vessel. An ANMM curator will provide support to review the significance of the vessel, assess the suitability of including the vessel on the Australian Register for Historic Vessels (ARHV) and to assist with the development of a Conservation Management Plan.

Clarence Town & District Historical Museum Inc. – In Kind Support

ANMM Production and Lighting Manager will provide support to this organisation in their plans for improvements to displaying documents, photographs and memorabilia of the history of the Steam Ship building industry on the Williams River, the river trade of the early 1800’s, and the village of Clarence Town. Support will include the ANMM's offer of donated showcases and assistance to assess the suitability these showcases to the Museum and their display.

Coffs Harbour City Council $10,000

Funding is for interpretive signage and an information kit as part of the Council's Jetty Walkway project which is being constructed as an entry to the historic (1890/92) jetty.

Dictionary of Sydney Inc. $8,220

Funding is awarded to develop and add 7 entries of unique content and an overall essay, on the arrival of the Second Fleet to this digital education resource. Written by local researchers, authors and historians, the essays will capture historical detail of the Second Fleet presented with contemporary resonances.

Hay Gaol Museum $3,895

Funding is for the commissioning of a bespoke display case and object support alongside the development of visual, text and audio interpretation for the ARHV listed Bunumbert bark canoe.

Holbrook Submarine Museum $8,800

Funding is to engage a consultant to complete the recording of the museum’s collection into the museum’s electronic data base. This work will enable them to find the best material to put together quality exhibitions, increase access to the collection and secure nationally significant objects, in line with their 2014 significance assessment.

MV Cape Don Society / Sea Heritage Foundation Pty Limited – In Kind Support

ANMM Head of Research, Maritime Archaeology Exploration and Navy, will provide support by organising an ANMM representative to review the Commonwealth Lighthouse Service (CLS) museum collection items and to assist with an initial collection assessment.

Port Macquarie Historical Society $2,215

For conservation treatments and storage materials for two objects in the Port Macquarie Historical Society collection. The Cargo Manifest Book, PS Ballina, (1870s) and a Painting, ‘Just arrived at Cundletown’ by Dr G H Bruhn, (1858). These two objects were assessed in a 2014 Conservator Assessment and Condition Report by Preservation Australia and identified as requiring priority treatment.

Port of Yamba Historical Society – In Kind Support

This organisation has researched Australian surfing pioneer, Tommy Walker, whose story challenges the currently celebrated story that surfing was brought to Australia by Hawaiian surfer Duke Kahanamoku. ANMM Senior Curator Communities will provide support to review the significance of this story and advice about telling the story.

Port Stephens Historical Society Inc $10,000

Funding is for the manufacture of 10 anodised aluminium interpretive signs displaying photographic and factual information to be located along public walkways. The signage will acknowledge the use of the marine environment including the Worimi Nation, the early European explorers and settlers, the businesses, various naval undertakings and today’s sea farers.

Shoalhaven City Council – In Kind Support

The flood boat ‘Shoalhaven’ embodies key elements of the region’s heritage: cedar, floods and river flat settlement. This organisation plans for the vessel include seeking professional assessment, conservation work, relocation with interpretation signage. An ANMM curator will provide support by sighting the vessel, reviewing the existing Conservation Management Plan (CMP) and providing professional assessment of the proposed conservation works and relocation.


Buku Larrnggay Mulka – In Kind Support

This organisation aims to create high quality archival scans of their collection of bark paintings which articulate Yolngu culture and depict sea country. ANMM Manager Conservation and ANMM Manager Indigenous Programs will provide support to oversee the use of bark paintings from the ANMM collection for a test scan.


Bli Bli on Maroochy Historical Society $2,085

Funding is awarded to digitise and preserve photographic types include 100 plus 6”x4” glass negatives; albumen, carte de viste; and gelatin silver prints in their collection which document the occupation and development of the Maroochy River region from the mid 1800’s to the present day. This work will provide greater capacity for online public access to their collections. Archival storage materials, albums and containers will also be purchased to appropriately store and preserve the collections.

Caboolture Historical Village $10,000

For stage 3 of the vessel restoration plan, for the Bunda-La, an ARHV listed 1958 ex-pilot boat, used in service along the Queensland coast.


National Trust of South Australia – Willunga Branch $6,135

To relocate and upgrade an interpretive exhibit about the wreck of the Star of Greece off Port Willunga in 1888, an event with close historical links with the region. The exhibit will include a number of significant items about the vessel that the Willunga Branch of the National Trust holds in its collection as well as information about other wrecks in the region.

Whyalla City Council $5,000

Funding is awarded to engage an educational consultant and for materials production. This project will map the Whyalla Maritime Museum's collection and tour guide activities to the Australian History Curriculum as well as develop teacher and student resources for key experiences and specific maritime history topics.

Axel Stenross Maritime Museum Inc. – In Kind Support

An ANMM curator will be available to provide support by reviewing the Vessel Management Plan for the vessel Hecla and provide professional assessment of proposed conservation works.


Channel Heritage and Folk Museum Association – In Kind Support

An ANMM curator will provide support to review the significance of a 16’ lifeboat from the former river ferry, the Excella. Support will also include assessing the suitability of including the vessel on the Australian Register for Historic Vessels (ARHV) and to assist with establishing provenance and the development of a Vessel Management Plan (VMP).

Maritime Museum of Tasmania $9,690

Funding is for a display illustrating the history of navigation from the stars, tides and lodestones used by early navigators, to modern satellite navigation relating to Tasmania’s maritime history. The display will include; a star installation, 6 graphic panels, a cut out removable mural, instruments, a chart table, a theodolite (approx. 1889) used to chart the Huon River, an interactive showing the use of lead lines to determine the type of bottom beneath a ship, a simulator which would allow visitors to steer a ship.

Tasmanian Fast Ferry Museum – In Kind Support

ANMM Head of Learning, will provide support and advice as this organisation works to develop an education program available to lower and upper primary levels and to build an education audience.


Enterprize Ship Trust – In Kind Support

The reproduction of the 1830's vessel, the Enterprize, was built between 1991-1997 and undertakes school education and sailing programs to provide the opportunity to experience a sailing conditions on an 1830’s type of vessel. Team Leader and rigger for the HMB Endeavour will provide support through expert advice and guidance about the conservation of the vessel, now in its 18th year of operation.

Enterprize Ship Trust – In Kind Support

On 30 August 2015 Melbourne will celebrate 180 years since the arrival of the original Enterprize. This organisation plans to develop an educational information pack suitable for schools and other community groups including interactive material suitable for hearing impaired children. ANMM Head of Learning will provide in-kind to support this organisation and investigate potential opportunities for points of collaboration with the ANMM.

Friends of the Pioneer Settlement $9,500

Funding is to extend the available augmented reality (AR) narrative on the paddle steamer “Gem” to two additional areas ‐ the Engine Room and The Wheelhouse to enhance the telling of the stories of the people of the Murray river.

Seaworks Foundation $8,177

Funding is to engage a consultant to undertake a full significance assessment of their collection pieces. This organisation will use the significance assessment to guide the revision of their policies and procedures and to direct the focus of their exhibitons on approximaltey 5 key stories from their existing collection.


Busselton Historical Society $6,275

Funding is awarded for a shipwreck walk on the museum’s land which is located on the banks of the picturesque Vasse River. The walk with give account of local shipwrecks via a weather proof information booklet, a map and plaques.

Busselton Jetty Environment and Conservation Association $3,000

This project will educate visitors in an interactive and fun way about the history of the heritage listed Busselton Jetty as a port and the critical role that marine bollards have played to secure heavy ships. Funding is awarded for interpretive signage to be developed in a Q&A format that leads visitors from one bollard to another on the Jetty to search for the answer to maritime questions. The information discovered will tell the story of 'mushroom bollards', 'bollards on ships', 'mooring lines', 'buffers', 'piles', 'spring ropes' and the timber industry ships that relied upon the bollards, rain, hail or shine.

Jaycees Community Foundation Inc t/as Discovery Bay Tourism Experience $3,990

Funding is awarded for the design and installation of interpretation panels for the Cheynes IV to inform visitors of the role that the ship (and her crew) played in Australia's whaling story. These panels will complement the existing audio re-enactment of a whale chase.