Balmoral Beach Club — $4,730

For the Development and Preservation of the Archives of the Balmoral Beach Club. The Club is nearly half-way through this 6 stage project to digitise and preserve over 90 years' worth of club materials. They plan to be completed by 2014.

Budamurra Aboriginal Corporation — support up to $3,600

For the Madjuri Project. This canoe building workshop involved experts and elders teaching the traditions to younger generations in order to preserve them. The canoe was a feature at the ANMM Indigenous Watercraft Conference in 2012.

Coffs Harbour Regional Museum — $10,000

For the "Our Maritime Heritage" project. Funding provided for the design and installation of a permanent exhibition on maritime history to include contextualization of objects, devising of didactic materials and organisation of fabrication.

Holbrook Submarine Museum — $7,700

For the repairs and maintenance of HMAS OTWAY Holbrook.

Lady Denman Heritage Complex — In-kind support

For the development of an action plan for the restoration and repairs of the Crest/Ninon; the survey and management plan was coordinated by an ANMM curator.

Narooma Visitor Centre — $4,500

For the Narooma Lighthouse Conservation project. The Narooma Visitor Centre and Narooma Lighthouse Museum used the funding to develop collection and preservation policies with a well-known conservator.

Port Stephens Historical Society Inc. — $1,700

For the finalisation of Inner Light Museum Make-Over project. This project began in 2010 with MMAPSS funding and this grant was to assist in completing it. The exhibition was improved, visual display further developed and photos enhanced and digitalised for preservation.

Richmond River Historical Society Inc. — $5,988

For the "Healing Sickness at Sea" project. A medicine chest from the SS St George, which had been untouched for nearly 100 years, underwent chemical analysis of its contents before being put on display with interpretive materials.

Walgett District Historical Society — $3,200

For the Wandering Jew Paddle Wheel River Boat and Barwon/Namoi River history project. In order to assist with story-telling of the era the Society built ship and town models. These models feature in a display which also includes photos, stories interpretive information and more.


National Trust of Tasmania, $9,350

For the Runnymede Ship's Portraits Project. Two key portraits of Runnymede and Fortitude were cleaned and conserved to be used as the centerpieces for an interpretive exhibition focused on the whaling enterprise developed by the Bayley brothers.

Norfolk Island

Norfolk Island Museum, $7,198

For the Post-1856 Norfolk Island Maritime Project. The condition of key artefacts for two important exhibits, Whaling and Resolution were conserved and enhanced. The bell from the Resolution was also rehoused, photos digitized and display panel upgraded to form a complete exhibit.

South Australia

Alexandrina Council - Friends of P.S. Oscar W, $10,000

For stage 1 of restoration work on the river barge 'Dart'. The complete restoration will be staged over a number of years as part of the conservation plan for the vessel.

Mannum Dock Museum of River History, $10,000

For the "All Steamed Up" project. The Museum is in Stage 2 of their project, which rebuilds the internal of paddle steamer with wheelhouse to accompany its static model. Internal developed to be interactive and geared towards children, with a display to include history and stories.

South Australian Maritime Museum, $9,500

For the "Mementos of Migration" project. This project will enhance the Museum's database by linking artefacts from the Museum to ships and passengers in its database. It will allow patrons to begin to understand the depth of the Museum's collection.


Echuca Historical Society Inc, $2,500

For the Conservation 2011 Project. Many of the Society's paper items have been deemed 'Urgent Priority' by a professional conservationist. Conservation 2011 aimed to conserve a variety of maritime-related paper items such as books, photos and paintings.

Western Australia

City of Bunbury, $5,000

For the Koombana Bay Archaeological Dig. Two areas, previously identified as likely to contain shipwrecks of American ships, were excavated over a period of eight days. A team of professionals were engaged to ensure unearthed items are properly identified and recorded with recommendations made regarding their management and care.

City of Mandurah $4,981

For the construction of conservation cradle for Wilson Tunnel Hull fishing boat project. This cradle will allow the movement of the boat for proper storage as well as enable conservation projects to be undertaken more safely and easily.