In the spirit of promoting greater openness in government, the Australian National Maritime Museum maintains a list of documents disclosed under the FOI Act (with redactions) from 1 January 2011. It is hoped that this measure will enable members of the public and the media to quickly and easily obtain access to material which has already been disclosed under the FOI Act.

The Australian National Maritime Museum FOI Disclosure Log contains downloadable documents. Due to the nature of the documents if they are not in an accessible format members of the public can contact the Museum to discuss alternative access arrangements.

The FOI Coordinator
Australian National Maritime Museum
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Sydney, NSW 2000
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A list of documents disclosed in response to Freedom of Information (FOI) requests.  

FOI Number  Date of Access  Summary of FOI Request  Access and Number of Documents  Other Information 
GF-2019-00178  25 Nov 2019 Documents produced in the [last] 12 months containing information, including analysis and/or briefings and/or advice about (i) advice and/or media strategies and/or emails about interaction and/or communications with indigenous people relating to the voyage and (ii) possible protests and/or other action by Aboriginal people against the Endeavour replica circumnavigating Australia. 
FOI request GF-2019-00178 documents
1 document full release, 7 document partial release.   
GF-2019-00260 16 Sept 2019 Documents relating to the ARHV entry of the ketch Defender.
FOI request GF-2019-00260 documents
3 documents full release, 1 document partial release.   
GF-2018-00613 10 Sept 2018 Documents relating to purchase of ship model SS Orontes
FOI request GF-2018-00613 documents
2 documents full release, 5 documents partial release.  
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