Ready on the course tack whilst wearing ship

Latitude; 42°46.1’S

Longitude; 144°12.1’E

Distance run in the last 24 hrs; 147NM

Average speed; 6.1KN

Weather; West south west wind force 5 moderate to rough sea, blue sky but with constant fronts threatening the horizon, temp; 16.4°

Shortly after lunch there is an all hands call and for everybody to go to stand at their bracing station. We are going to wear ship, why simply because we can and we have fantastic conditions. Second Officer Nick is calling out to the fore deck where we have foremast watch and some of Mizzen mast watch standing by, we then have Chief Officer Dirk calling to Mainmast on the quarter deck. Second Officer Ally is in overall in command alerting Dirk and Nick what manoeuvre to call next. It goes exceptionally well and the crew are starting to learn not just what to do but also the theory behind it. Now we are sailing north and so we wear ship all over again to head back in the right direction.

A call is made over the speaker that there is to be a prize for the first person who spots landfall, we are approximately 40NM offshore at the moment and so it will be called within the next 24 hours.

Steph in charge on the helm

The wind drops off by night fall and the ship takes on a long slow rolling motion, making it trickier to walk around the ship and then as the night goes on the seas are still high from the stronger wind but with less wind and with less sail the ship loses her balance and stability. It is an interrupted night’s sleep for all.

The morning brings St Patrick’s Day, a day for Clare our Chief Engineer to celebrate being from Ireland. She makes several of the morning announcements in Gaelic. We have learnt that there is not enough green on the ship for the celebrations. There is still no sign of land as yet but Adam is keen to win the prize. Just before lunch Kingsley does it again as he hauls a yellow finned tuna aboard.

All’s well.

Rob enjoying the fresh air

Endeavour Crew

The replica of Captain Cook's tall ship HMB Endeavour is managed by the Australian National Maritime Museum. Endeavour regularly sails in Australian waters and we keep a ship's blog to give you an insight into life on board.