Gun Marine Services helping with supplies

Endeavour will be departing her anchorage from Exmouth at approx 0930 on the 18th September. We are hoping to set some sail but it will all be weather dependant. The crew would like to thank everyone in Exmouth for their help whilst we have been here. Although only a fleeting visit, all the crew got to get a day ashore and explore beautiful Exmouth and Ningaloo reef which we all thoroughly enjoyed.

We would just like to make some special thank you’s to John Davies and his crew at Gun Marine Services for all their help with transfers of crew, supplies and garbage. We would have been pretty lost without your assistants.  We would like to thank Marie Hinkley at Exmouth wholesalers, who couldn’t do enough to help us with ordering our victuals. Stewart Fitzgerald who is Exmouth’s harbour master & finally the Exmouth Shire for their warm hospitality and reception.

Captain Ross receiving a beutiful plaque from Exmouth shire

Endeavour Crew

The replica of Captain Cook's tall ship HMB Endeavour is managed by the Australian National Maritime Museum. Endeavour regularly sails in Australian waters and we keep a ship's blog to give you an insight into life on board.