Getting the boat in the water

Latitude; 21°40.5’S

Longitude; 114°28.7’E

Distance run in the last 4hrs; 22.2NM

Average speed; 5.5KN

As we get the watches ashore one by one, it doesn’t take too long as we have less numbers onboard this voyage and I have to confess as I see more and more people swimming in the pristine turquoise sea, I am itching to get ashore. In the boat run over the sea colours are lushes, going from dark blue and getting lighter to that tropical blue as we reach the shallows. Even on the way in you can see the shadows of the turtles under the surface.

Although the Island doesn’t quite have the appearance of the picture postcard, tropical, white squeaky sand and palm trees, it does have that instant appeal with sand dunes, yellow fine sand and shrubbery. Most people are swimming and making the most of a dip well rewarded. It is a hot day and there is not much shelter leaving you no choice but to frequently jump in and out of the sea. Some of the crew go on an exploration and others savour the moment to kick back and relax.

Not too sure what this is?

Desperate to stretch my legs, I decide to get walking to find what we first thought were whales beached and see the turtles resting ashore. On the walk over there is  what we suspect to be a baby nautilus washed up that we set free, but on further investigation we are not sure what it is. I cross Sue and Mary who are just on their way back to the group and being the good people that they are, they have collected some of the washed up debris that would be considered a hazard for the turtles.

It is a spectacular sight to see at least forty turtles in the shallows and resting upon the beach almost fearless of our presence letting us close by to photograph them. It is definitely a highlight that you can only experience in the wild a moment I will treasure.

The boat runs start back at 1500 and it is not long until all are back onboard. Tonight the supernumeraries are treated to a dinner in the Great Cabin with Captain Ross. The Island creates a beautiful backdrop for them and creates an atmosphere that would sum up the day. After the meal it is open air cinema night as everyone gathers on deck to watch a movie. It has been
a magnificent day which leaves me with…

All’s well.

Endeavour Crew

The replica of Captain Cook's tall ship HMB Endeavour is managed by the Australian National Maritime Museum. Endeavour regularly sails in Australian waters and we keep a ship's blog to give you an insight into life on board.