Ally swinging the lead line to check the depth

Latitude; 18°23.7’S

Longitude; 146°20.3’E

Distance run in the last 4hrs; 14.7NM

Average speed; 3.6 KN

At 1400 the bing bong goes on the intercom and Ally’s polite & gentle voice speaks, ‘Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, we are shortly going to be commencing in some daily maintenance, if you would like to assist please make your way to the quarter deck.’ At which point a large number of crew make their way towards him. Today we are going to continue with sanding back the rough tree rail, which is the rail around the ship that tends to get a bit of wear. We are slowly drifting towards our anchorage and then the lookout spots something a peculiar off the starboard beam. A shout goes to those up aloft to see if they can identify the object, it is too small to be a boat and a little too tall to be just a bird. Then as we sail past it is just a bird catching a ride from a piece of driftwood, not something you see every day.

At 1600 all hands are called to prepare themselves to hand the sail as we are going to sail on to the anchorage. It is a waiting game but crucial that the timing is right. Everyone waits very patiently and poised waiting for their command.  Ally stands in the Starboard fore-channel and swings the lead line to check our depth. Once we are in the correct position Dirk shouts ‘Let go’ and clue up the Foretopsail. We had been using the Topsail to help push us gently into the right spot. Dirk makes it look all very easy as it all goes perfectly to plan, but it is actually quite an achievement to be able to say that we sailed off and then on to the anchorage.

The landscape around us is very impressive with dramatic peaks and crests and when the sunsets it is very vivid and you can quite easily imagine that you are somewhere far from Australia.

Shortly after we anchor a number of the professional crew grab Alex the Upperyardsman and throw him over board. Unbeknown to him it is an Endeavour tradition to throw a professional crew member over board on their Birthday.

As twilight approaches it is time for the Mizzenmast to head up the Foremast to furl the Topsail. For some of the crew it is their first time aloft since the first initial climb and so it is impressive that they head up in the dark and learn to furl.

The ship anchored in Zoe Bay

The morning brings us an equally vivid sunrise. At 0930 we start to run the crew ashore Hinchinbrook Island to go and explore the waterfall and fresh water pool. The walk is an easy 20 minute stroll and it is a beautiful waterfall with a crystal clear ice cold pool to swim in. Ok so maybe not ice cold but I think we are getting acclimatised to the tropical weather so anything below 10 degrees makes your heart skip a beat. The pool has a rocky bottom which must act as a filter to keep the water this clear. There are Tropical Perch swimming around, which are classed as an endangered species.

All’s Well.

The waterfall and pool

Endeavour Crew

The replica of Captain Cook's tall ship HMB Endeavour is managed by the Australian National Maritime Museum. Endeavour regularly sails in Australian waters and we keep a ship's blog to give you an insight into life on board.