Saluting Townsville

Latitude; 19°15.4’S

Longitude; 146°49.4’E

Distance run in the last 5.5hrs; 19.9NM

Average speed; 3.6KN

We start to run people ashore to Five Beach Bay on Magnetic Island, with a pack lunch and to enjoy the sand between their toes for one more last time before heading in to Townsville. There is another swimming session off the side of the ship in the afternoon.

At 1530 the Supernumeraries are called for an afternoon tea with Captain Ross in the Great Cabin with cream scones and array of other tasty treats, while this happening the watches practice their Sod’s performances and the professional crew are prepare the18th Century for this evening’s entertainment.

We start at 1800 with beautiful roast pork followed by an outstanding cheese cake. Steve and Steve are tonight compares and they do a splendid job. There are some very funny & relevant jokes being told form Mr Savage which cracks everyone up. All the acts are of a musical nature tonight but I think I have to speak for everyone and say that Carlos did a sterling job
with a fantastic descriptive poem he had written about the voyage.

After the Sod’s performances it is time for some movie clips on deck and the ultimate Tall Ship Sailing movie ‘Around Cape Horn’. It is such a perfect setting to watch the movie, being huddled together on deck, under the stars and just off from Magnetic Island. It real brings home that we are very fortunate to be able to sail such an exceptional ship. There are always highs and lows of the voyages and sometimes you can feel exhausted, but on reflection it is always worth every minute.

This morning we are back to ships routine, we are only able to go alongside at 1500 due to the shallow berth that we have been allocated. We are very fortunate as a couple of guys from the ferry come onboard to give us local information about our approach in.


It is very tight coming in and unfortunately the wind makes everything more difficult, we are then also required to turn the ship which is another finger bighting moment but we successfully come alongside.

I thought that today would be the day I would attempt to get Captain Ross back, as I knew that all his concentration would have gone into bringing the ship alongside and that his
guard might be down. So when preparing some end of voyage documents Lucy & I thought we would also slip one in for somebody named Anita Bath. Unfortunately it didn’t go quite to plan as the surname was not read out….. never mind there is always the next voyage. Fair winds

All’s Well


Endeavour Crew

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