A pirate's life for me! Think you've got what it takes to be a pirate? Try these activities to test your scurvy skills, yarr!

Activity Sheet Download: Johnny’s Holiday Snaps (.pdf )
The museum's own resident pirate Grognose Johnny has been uploading some of his photos. Create your own comic book by adding speech bubbles to the images.

Pirate School Grognose Johnny


Activity Sheet Download: Make a Pirate Name Badge (.pdf )
Create your own pirate name and then turn it into your very own pirate name badge

Activity Sheet Download: Tell It To The Parrot (.pdf )
Pete the silly pirate parrot has listened to some pirate sentences, but he doesn’t know the difference between two words that sound the same. Help him by circling the correct word. 

Activity Sheet Download: Treasure Map (.pdf ) and Buried Treasure Instructions (pdf )
Follow the treasure map and answer the questions on the instruction page - can you find the buried treasure?
Extra Challenge: Create your own pirate map at home. Think about what you might have around you to help protect your treasure so that no other pirates can steal it! 

Pirate School Treasure Map

Activity Sheet Download: Colour-in the Ghost Ship (.pdf )
Colour in the pirate on his ship, but beware of the ghostly creatures!
Image: Australian National Maritime Museum Education Collection 

Activity Sheet Download: Count Your Booty (.pdf)
Count the treasure and solve the pirate puzzle

Storywriting Activity Downloads: Pictures can tell many stories.  
Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the ghostliest pirate of them all? 
Download the two pictures of a ghostly pirate ship (.pdf) and two pirates (.pdf) to create your own pirate tale. Help us find out what happened to the pirates in these pictures.
Images: Australian National Maritime Museum Education Collection

 Pirate School Pirate Ship drawing       Pirate School two pirates drawing 

Think about the questions below to plan your story. You might like to write your answers down on a spare piece of paper. You may like to use all or some of the ideas.

Who is he? Introduction and Setting the scene: 
What is the pirate’s name? How old is he? When is the story set? Where does he live or travel? What is the place the story is set like (dark and stormy with wild winds, sunny and calm seas, does it begin on the land in a busy city or on the sea?) What can your character see, smell, hear? Does he have any friends or enemies?

What happened to him? Complication or problem

• What is the problem? (Why was he sailing the ghostly ship? Why is he drawn beside the ghostly figure?) 
• When did this happen? (Did it happen a long time ago, yesterday)
• Where did this happen? (Did happen on land? on the sea?)
• Why did this happen? (Who did this? Was it bad luck or an enemy?

The turning point, how is the complication going to be solved? (Are the pirates going to become friends, did he defeat the enemy? Did he sail away?)

The End
How is your story going to end - is it happy or sad?

Your Story
How are you going to present your story? Here are some ideas or you might like to come up with something else: a comic book with pictures, a story with illustrations, a conversation between the two pirates, a character profile, a poem, a pirate rap, drawings, a song, (change the words to a song that you know), or create your own pirate puppet play (make your own finger puppets).