Think you've got what it takes to be a pirate? We've got some activities to test your pirate skills!

Pirate School
Join Grognose Johnny the museum's resident pirate as he teaches students how to become a pirate. You'll learn how to speak like a pirate, dress like a pirate, dance like a pirate (and did someone mention treasure?)  

Activity Sheet Download: Pirate Words (.pdf)  
Practice your 'pirate speak'! Write a sentence using the featured pirate words. 
Extra challenge: Try using all the words in less than 4 sentences.

Pirate Play:
Using the pirate words you've learned, write your own pirate play to perform. Pirate School

Activity Sheet Download: Share The Loot (.pdf)
See if you can work out how to share the loot between all four of the pirates. 
Extra Challenge: Make your own treasure and share it with your pirate crew. 

Activity Sheet Download: Know Your Pirate Captain (.pdf)
How well do you know your Pirate Captain? Match the words to the items the Pirate Captain has in the picture. 

Practice your pirate dance moves and dance like Grognose Johnny
Listen to the sea shanty tune below for inspiration.