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Piecing together a 200 million year puzzle. Image: MNF/CSIRO

15 Mar 2019

Investigating a rocky relationship
Clean Up Australia Day at the Museum, 2019. With our partners Silentworld Foundation.

04 Mar 2019

Dredged Up
Award-wining photographer Michael Aw discusses his passion for conservation and wildlife photography.

28 Feb 2019

Capturing nature, before it disappears
Ghost net turtle in the water of Erub Island. Image: Erub Arts.

30 Jan 2019

Ghost nets

24 Aug 2018

Science and secrets of Sydney Harbour

08 Jun 2018

Introducing the Seabin project

01 Jun 2018

RV Investigator: A science lab goes to sea

22 Jan 2016

'The greatest threat to our oceans is ignorance'

22 Jun 2015

A new artificial reef at the Australian National Maritime Museum
Dead Reef - Underwater Earth by Christophe Bailhache

Ocean Defenders

Hear from some of Australia's most important ocean defenders and innovators and how they're working to address the most critical issues affecting the health of our oceans


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Sydney Harbour Gallery
On the waterfront - Cape Bowling Green lighthouse


On The Waterfront

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Australian National Maritime Museum & The Sea
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