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06 Nov 2017

The elusive Mrs Cherry

05 Oct 2017

Fifty years of Turkish migration

12 Sep 2017

Welcome Wall September 2017

11 May 2017

Stories from across the seas: New names on the Welcome Wall

27 Jan 2017

Chinese maritime traditions and Lunar New Year: It’s the Year of the Rooster… so bring on the Dragons!

22 Dec 2016

A Polish ship, British children and caring Sydneysiders captured in concrete

25 Sep 2016

Those who've come across the seas: New names unveiled on the Welcome Wall

21 Mar 2016

The Little Guys: Puppets and Creating Harmony
Needlework sampler made by Julia Donovan on board Carnatic en route to Australia, 1879

28 Jul 2015

A migration story in stitch
Britain's Child Migrants

Online exhibition – On Their Own: Britain's Child Migrants

From the 1860s, more than 100,000 children were sent from Britain to Canada, Australia, and other Commonwealth countties through child migration schemes. 


At the museum

Statue of boy, Passengers Gallery exhibition




Tu Do
Welcome Wall
Australia’s National Monument to Migration

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We Are Many - Stories of Australia's Migrants
Waves of Migration
A fishing boat called Freedom: the story of Tu Do


The Strange Big Canoe
Australian National Maritime Museum & The Sea
Timelapse - Sea Monsters exhibition install